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About: Forget the Spin

Forget the Spin was born of a desire to provide some counterspin to common assumptions or assertions that are motivated by the urge to manipulate rather than elucidate. In the age of information we are fed mountains of claims and beliefs by those who wish to futher their agenda or spread their perspective, but these pronouncements or allegations often crumble into rubbish when examined with the rational mind.

The initial inspiration of Forget the Spin was to counter the overwhelming spin relating to women's rights and women's issues. For example, assertions that women have equality, feminism is dead, feminist are a bunch of humourless man hating shrews who want to crush men, and culture and religion are more important than women's equality.

But while women's issues were the motivation, the topic range broadened over time. There is much about politics, both Canadian and American, and there is even a dash of satirical fiction. If you would like to contribute to this weekly blog with images or a piece of writing, please send an email:

Please write 'Forget the Spin' in the subject, or I may confuse your email with spam.

Contributors with websites: links are placed from the image, from your name beside the image, and you will also have a link in the side bar of the home page under Links to Artists and Writers. Writers receive a link from their piece of writing and a link under Links to Artists and Writers.

Natasha Lukanovich

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