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Palin and the Christian Right

Sept. 5, 2008
N. Lukanovich

Out of wild curiosity and sheer amusement, I googled Sarah Palin and quickly came across a Christian blog. It was quite a revelation. I think I've seen Jesus and do believe I may be saved. I'm now a creationist, pro-NRA, hysterical about sex eduction and birth control, and intensely pro-life. Unless, of course, you've already been born. I really can't be bothered with the poor, the sick, and those getting bombed and shot out of existence in Iraq, unless they're American soldiers. I only care about my neighborhood. And other good Christian folk (aka Republican).

I fully support the needs of the filthy stinking rich, just like Jesus would, because like any Republican worth their salt he would've put 'country first' and ridiculed the idea of a national health care. I have no mercy for Americans who struggle; if you're not a fetus, then it's 'not my problem' and you can bloody well stand up on your own two feet. I fully believe that kids should suffer for the sins of their fathers, so I'm not interested in helping single mothers, unless they are willing to admit their sin; whether they were married or not to begin with, they must have sinned or they wouldn't be in such a state. Teenage pregnancies need to be resolved with marriage; shotgun weddings are all the rage, and Lord knows I'm a fan of guns.

The only thing Christian about the Christian 'right', is invoking morals that were in vogue 2000 years ago. But the values of compassion, mercy, forgiveness, charity, have lost their glamour, unless you're a Republican candidate and thus worthy of defence. And even then, as was made clear by the comments on this Christian blog, many are indignant that Palin 'let' her daughter get pregnant, and many were aghast that she was working outside the home at all, let alone running for VP.

But the spin from the McCain campaign is that everyone in the Christian Right is in love with Palin, and many Christian ministers, like Dobson, who have spent decades shouting from the pulpit that women should stay at home, are now shouting about sexism against Sarah Palin, pointing an accusatory finger at the media and Democrats. Rudy Giuliani bristled with indignation in his speech at the convention, frothing at the mouth as he exclaimed "how DARE they attack Sarah Palin", accusing the media and Democrats of sexism. Republicans have suddenly become the great defenders of women; members of a party that has blocked legislation for equal pay for women have riled themselves into a pink twist over sexist comments. Sarah Palin, herself, accused Hillary Clinton of 'whining' about sexism.

The truth of the matter, is that the bulk of the sexist comments are coming from Republicans, not Democrats. Nearly farcical, were the sexist buttons for the convention, that must have been produced at breakneck speed. The slogans: "Hottest VP from the Coolest State" and "Hoosiers for the Hot Chick" were pinned to the lapels of thousands of Republicans that shook their heads in askance as Giuliani spoke about sexism.

The one positive about Palin's strategic appointment, is that the reactions vis a vis her motherhood make it patently clear that any woman, if she has the temerity to run for high office, will endure sexism. If Palin was a man, there would be no condemnations of neglecting the children, there would be nary a peep on the issue.

The focus would be on the real issues, and there are many with this candidate. Palin is an evangelical who believes in creationism, is against sex education and birth control, is militantly pro-life (in the worst sense of the word), pro-gun (yes, does seem like a contradiction), pro-capital punishment, and a hockey mom to boot. She is as nasty as the nastiest Republican you can find, attacking Obama without restraint in her speech, in lock step with all the previous speakers. In her speech, she told the audience the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull was lipstick.

She is against national healthcare, but keen on offshore drilling and building a pipeline (through Canada), from Alaska. She is under investigation for trying to get her ex-brother-in-law, a state trooper, fired, and she is a bold faced liar. She is using her cancellation of the 'Bridge to Nowhere' project as proof that she thinks for herself, when in fact she was pushing for the bridge until she was governor and had a look at the polls on the issue. Her attacks on Obama were much more than a distortion of the truth, claiming that Obama would raise everyone's taxes when he has made it clear that taxes will be lowered for the middle class and only raised for the very wealthy.

I see nothing of the reformer she is claimed to be; I see a dishonest politician who is far more right wing than McCain. It is doubtful she will draw support from many Hillary Clinton supporters; she was primarily selected to attract the working class, to galvanize Republican women and light a fire under the Republican Party, and to excite the right-wing evangelical base, the Christians who see abortion as the most important issue, and will vote Republican no matter how un-Christian the fiscal policies.

Republicans are champion spin masters in their own right, and are clearly hoping that the electorate will listen only to their attacks and ignore the facts. It appears that the gloves are off...

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